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20th May 2021

In the Unity of the Trinity

In the Unity of the Trinity, Jn 17

Lourdes Pinto, 5/20/21

John 17 is a unique opportunity to see the nature and heart of Jesus. 

“Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son so that the Son may glorify you” (17:1)

  • It is the cross (see John 12:27-33, 13:30-33, 21:18-19) that will glorify the Son. The cross was utter humiliation to the world, but it was an instrument of glorification in God’s eyes. This is an aspect of the foolishness and weakness of the cross (1 Corinthians 1:18, 1:23-25).

“And for their sakes I sanctify myself, so that they also may be sanctified in truth.” (17:19)

  • Jesus sanctifies (consecrates) Himself for us, meaning He sacrifices Himself to the Father for us. This perfect consecration of Jesus opened the curtain so that we can participate in the oneness of the Trinity. Yet, this entering into the unity of God is only possible if we, as the Body of Christ, voluntarily choose, for love of God, to participate in His consecration which is His sacrifice. Only through, with, and in Jesus crucified can we enter the inner chamber, which is the Heart of Christ, to live in the embrace of the Father with the Holy Spirit.
  •  “To men, the cross appeared an instrument of shame. To Christ it was the means of true glory.” (Morris)
  • “But rejoice insofar as you are sharing Christ’s sufferings, so that you may also be glad and shout for joy when his glory is revealed.” (1 Peter 4:13)

“I am now rejoicing in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am completing what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the church.” (Col.1:24)

“I made your name known to them, and I will make it known, so that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.” (17:26)

The prayer of Jesus in John 17 reveals Divine Love, the Trinity. It is the Holy Spirit, received from the pierced Heart of Jesus crucified, that brings us to KNOW the love of the Son and the Father. It is the Holy Spirit that brings me to PARTICIPATE in the deepest prayer and longing of the Son as I also pray: 

  • “Father, glorify your daughter as one with your Son so that your daughter may glorify you.”
  • “And for their sakes I sanctify myself through Christ, with Christ and in Christ, so that they also may be sanctified in truth.” 

I listen in SA at times to brothers and sisters complaining of their suffering, a tendency that I also see in myself. Yet the Spirit always moves me in spiritual accompaniment to see the glory of that suffering in Christ. If I am suffering great mental and physical exhaustion and this suffering in Christ is bringing graces to my LC family, is it not worth it to me? Is it not an opportunity to glorify the Father and Son? If someone is suffering physical ailments and that suffering saved their soul, is it not worth suffering in gratuitous love? If that physical suffering suffered through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ is saving the souls of their family, is it not an occasion to rejoice? Then why is it so difficult for us? 

We are complicated because of sin, and God is SIMPLE. The way to unity is simple, but for us, it’s difficult because of our brokenness, woundedness, self-centeredness, etc.  

Let’s journey the Simple Path from its beginning to the summit of unity in the Trinity to understand how God has been guiding us through His Spirit to union in Him—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • My Gaze Penetrates All Darkness,   –Simple Path 16, p.59 (ch.2)
  • My desire for you, My thirst for each of you, is to make you My living icons. My little ones, suffer all with Me, gazing upon My crucified love so that your suffering can perfect your faith and you can become My living chalices poured upon the world, redeeming, restoring, and purifying with Me.
  • Love on Earth Must Be United to Suffering —#29, p.87
  • My daughter, the purest love on earth must be united to suffering. I came from heaven to earth to suffer in expiation for the sins of the world. This is love.
  • Pure love gives itself solely because of love. The love of the Trinity is pure love; therefore, the Father gives His life by giving to the world His only begotten Son. The Holy Spirit—this most pure love—flows, igniting the hearts to suffer with Me, so that they can enter in Love.
  • The Cross, without My Sacred Heart, is useless suffering brought about by sin. But suffering united to My Cross is new life; it is participation in the work of redemption, which is participation in the life of the Trinity.
  • These mysteries can be grasped only by a humble heart… Suffer all with perfect faith in My crucified love. (1/13/11)
  • Martyrdom of the Heart —# 39, p. 139
  • The martyrdom of the heart is the martyrdom of suffering with Love and for Love. My daughter, if you could only understand the fruit of the martyrdom of suffering, you would desire nothing else on earth. The hidden life of suffering with Love and for Love is of far greater worth than great and small works tainted with human recognition. Believe in the hidden force contained in the martyrdom of the heart. This is the purest fragrance of love that has the power to conquer the enemies of God. (11/9/12)
  • I Give Myself to the Good and the Bad —#49. Simple Path p. 162
  • The Eucharist is the power of God in the world. The love of God is the Eucharist and is transmitted through the Eucharist. 
  • Learn about the hidden life by contemplating My Eucharistic life. I am hidden from your human eye but completely present. I am verbally silent, yet My soul speaks to your soul. I am humble, pure, simple, silent, generous, forgiving, merciful, patient, and tender. I give Myself fully to the good and the bad, to the deserving and the undeserving, to those who love Me and to those that persecute Me; for when one is not obedient to the precepts of My Church, I am persecuted. I continue to love those who do not love Me.I continue to love those who use Me. I continue to love the unfaithful. I continue to love those indifferent to My love. I am left alone in the Tabernacles of the world with few who come to be with Me, to adore Me, and to give Me thanks. I cry, but My tears are hidden. I intercede continuously before the throne of our Father for all. My hidden life in the Eucharist is seen by Abba and blessed by Him Who sees all.
  • Your ordinary and hidden life through the Cross becomes united to My Eucharistic life. Your hidden life takes on the same power as My hidden life because we are no longer two but ONE. These are My living hosts. In this union of love, you enter and live in the realm of God. Through Me, with Me, and in Me, your most ordinary life is the power of God. Your thoughts, words, deeds, but most especially your tears and sorrows of heart, possess the power of God to bless the world. Your hidden life not seen by anyone is seen by God and, through Me, with Me and in Me, He blesses many. Your life, as ONE with My Eucharistic life, moves beyond time and space.
  • Ponder My Eucharistic life with the Holy Spirit and Mary. I desire for you to help Me form many living hosts to shine the light of God and to pierce the darkness. You grow in holiness as your hidden life is lived to greater perfection in My hidden life. (7/5/12)

John 17:4 “I glorified you on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do.”

  • Participate in My Body and Blood — p. 168
  •  In order for you to become ONE BODY, ONE BLOOD in Me, you must respond to become My victim of love, a victim united as ONE to The Victim. What is required of My creature is her response, her “Fiat,” then the power of My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, brings about this perfect union.
  • The Ecstasy of the Love of God Transforms the Pain into the Sword of the Spirit —#72 p.217
  • Some saints received the stigmata with the physical pain of the nail wounds, but ALL My saints were crucified with Me mystically through My nails. The mystical crucifixion is no less real and painful than the physical one, just as the white martyrdom is no less real and painful than the red martyrdom.
  • Unity in the Holy Trinity is the fruit of becoming one with Me in My crucifixion, for this is perfect love. The ecstasy of the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit transforms the pain into the Sword of the Spirit that pierces the darkness of Satan. This union of Love is achieved by few because of a lack of perseverance and selfless love.
  • A saint who becomes one in My crucified love has the power to transform an entire society. I am raising up My saints for the decisive times at hand to fight My holy war and usher in the era of peace. (12/28/14)
  • The Fusion of Hearts Is the Kiss of Union #79 p.230
  • The fusion of hearts takes place through the sword of suffering as ONE. It is through the union in suffering that you die more-and-more to self until it is no longer you who live but I Who live in you… The fusion of hearts is the kiss of union, the embrace of the Holy Spirit, the embrace of Love. (12/3/12)

  • Abandon Yourselves —#80 p.231
  • Abandon yourself simply by accepting all the way that it is given to you… Give yourself completely, serving all for love of Me. The mission will move forward according to My plan and Will. You are called to be love by sacrificing yourself completely for Love. This simple abandonment in each of the circumstances of your lives that I have placed you in will produce the hidden force needed to conquer the darkness covering the earth. Abandon yourselves to love the most difficult ones closest to you. Kiss My pierced feet each morning; and set yourselves out like warriors on a mission to serve with love, patience, tenderness—be slow to anger. (2/26/11)

  • Silence —#82, p. 233
  • In the fire of My Sacred Heart, you come to know personally the Holy Spirit. Now you have ascended into the silence of the Trinity. In the Holy Spirit, you possess Me and the Father as One. The Spirit now lives in you and you in Him. You are ONE.
  • This divine dimension is SILENCE. When you enter this divine union in silence, the soul must be careful to nurture it. Careless speech and careless activity can bring the soul out of this divine dimension of silence. (7/22/11)

  •  Drawn into the Unity of the Trinity -- 85, 86, 87


  • What Is True Unity? #85 P.240
  • The Father and I are ONE; the Father in Me and I in Him with the Holy Spirit (cf. Jn 17). The union of the Trinity is pure love. I came upon the earth to draw you into union with the Most Holy Trinity through the Cross—no longer two but ONE.[1] It is in this union that love exists.
  • Only from this union of love with your Triune God can unity exist in My Body, the Church. It is through My life in the Eucharist that I become One with you, but it is only through your participation in My Eucharistic life that you become One in Me.  This participation can take place only by entering the Cross of new life, My crucified love. (11/23/11)


  • How to Respond to Christ’s Desire for Unity —#87. p.241
  • I desire to draw you into true unity, the unity of the love of the Most Holy Trinity. The union of sorrows will bring you into the union of Love. The gaze of the Father is upon you. Be love. Live solely for Love, forgetting yourself.
  • My Lord, how do I live solely for Love, forgetting myself?
  • Live to please Me. To live in the unity of the Trinity is to live gazing at the Father, through the Son, to please Him in all things. (3/18/12)

Living Hosts, The Hidden Force Which is the Eucharist  8-2-12

During cenacle I saw a Host as if suspended in the sky. Then the Host was filled, consumed w the Light of Jesus. Then I felt the gaze of the Father upon His Son in the Eucharist, and the Light of the Father came as a beam of radiant Light to His Eucharistic Son. Then the Light of the Holy Spirit issued out of the Eucharist. Then I saw a human body. It was not any one person in particular, so I understood that this person represented all of us. The Light of the Eucharistic Jesus penetrated fully and was consumed in this person. I felt the gaze of the Father upon His Son fully one with this person. This human person was the living tabernacle containing the life and light of Jesus. Then the light and power of the HS issued forth from this person.

I understood that the Lord was giving me an interior vision of the spiritual reality of a living host. It is only the love of God that can penetrate the darkness. God was revealing to me the life and unity of the Trinity through their Light. The love of God is a continuous flow and unity of love between the Father, Son, and HS. 

As our hidden life becomes one with Jesus’ hidden life in the Eucharist, He becomes one with us. The gaze of the Father is always on His Son. Therefore, His gaze is then set upon us, for we are one with Jesus. Then the love of the Father and the Son, which is the HS, can consume us and flow from us to the world.

As living hosts, our lives enter the realm of God and, therefore can affect the world according to the desire of God Himself. Our hidden and ordinary lives become the hidden force of the Light and love of the Trinity. This is the hidden force which is the Eucharist, and the hidden force which has the power to penetrate the darkness of Satan.

[1] Cf. Eph 2:15-16.

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