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28th May 2020

Labor of Love

In this talk, we come to understand the importance of preparing ourselves to embrace, and even come to desire, the tribulations of our lives as opportunities to grow in deeper union with the love of the Most Holy Trinity. As Christ desolations on the Cross brought forth the great fruit of salvation; we too in our desolations, like a woman in labor pains, can bring forth the joy of new life. The union of sorrows draws us into the union of love!

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Love Crucified
Formation in the Heart of Jesus
Jesus desires that we be ONE with Him in love. He tells us: "Suffer all with Me, no longer two but one, in my sacrifice of love". He is forming His Body, His faithful remnant for these decisive times.

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Love Crucified is a Catholic international covenant community of men and women of all walks of life who seek to live as God's "victims of love"